Bhagyashree Barman 


The Smile

The smile the old lady gave me When I helped her crossing the road Kept me happy for weeks A kid passing by Was crying so hard I asked him what’s the matter and he sighed I don’t like going to school But my parents send me forcefully It’s so uncool I chortled at his …

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Ahsaas Channa

Ahsaas Channa, the little boy in “My Friend Ganesha”

Dear Ahsaas Channa, I have always been your admirer. You made your debut at a very young age and did the role of a male protagonist. Starting from “Vaastu Shastra” where you played Rohan, Ashu in “My friend Ganesha” and Arjun from “Kabhi Alvida Na kehna” . You did three totally different genres; horror, cartoon …

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YES!!, She bleeds but she is not impure! The thoughts of society making her impure… Some rituals are making her impure… She is the warrior fighting with cramps.. Holding on to the unbearable pain and hiding the tears under the light lamp!! When the first time she bleeds she was locked up in a room …

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We ❣

I was never you You were never me We remain unwritten throughout history. But in the books of fairy tales we were together. We were the poem no one wrote But our’s one was the story, I always wanted to tell. Until the moon and stars fall, Let’s you become me and i become you. …

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Two Souls

Moon smiling’ at them, Stars winking’ at them… Thinking’ about the world, Thinking’ about their world!… Universe making’ a miracle come true, When a miracle was made by two souls… ‎‭ They held their hands, Staring’ at the winking’ night sky… The usual even zephyr blew… Something’ unusual happen’….. She locked his hand in hers, …

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