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The Untold Phrase appreciates every writer and selects some of them to be their select writer.
17 select writers are currently penning their beautiful words for TUP.

Have a look at them below:

Swastika Jha

This is Swastika Jha from Patna, Bihar, who completed her Bachelor’s in Biotechnology from Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur, Rajasthan. She is not a writer by profession but by passion and interest. She has been into writing from the past few years and has also worked with publication houses as a compiler, co-author and been  an Anthology Head / PR Manager at Split Poetry India.

She is someone who believes in living in the present and writes what she feels by heart. Being an introvert her escape is her words and books. She started her journey as a writer and now she has been a compiler, co-author and wishes someday to be an author. Apart from writing she is into public speaking i.e. debates, open mics etc. You can find her write ups at @thatintrovertwriter.




Divyesh Prajapati

This is Divyesh Prajapati, an anonymous scribbler who anecdotes unsaid feelings, especially at 12:00 am. I come from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Graduated from HL College Of Commerce in and I’m a job person now. I started writing when I faced my first failure, where there was no one’s around and I chose words over a person. Apart from becoming parents proud, my basic goal is to connect more people through my words with the hope that this phase will go soon.




Adity Sinha

This is Adity Sinha, a scribbler trapped in the body of an IT Engineer. I am a software developer by profession and I come from Bangalore, Karnataka. I’m an old school who seeks refuge in poems and soulful music. The most important goal in my life is to always see my mother happy and smiling. Other than this, I aim to develop empathy and kindness towards others with time and achieve stability. I started writing when I was in grade 8. The first thing I wrote was a script for drama. And since then, writing has been my favorite escape. I’m an extrovert turned introvert who scribbles most of the time. @_the_unfinished_poetry is my second home.




Sakshi Shukla

I’m Sakshi Shukla, from Prayagraj (UP), stucked in studies for getting a govt job. I had never thought of writing but suddenly I don’t know how I discovered that I too can write and now I’m really enjoying and learning every day. I love to be around animals, especially dogs and want to do something for stray dogs to provide them a better life. Other than that, I’m a person who loves peaceful places and people who are kind to others. Spreading kindness, positivity, and love towards humans as well as animals is my ultimate goal.




Palak Jatwani

This is Palak Jatwani, a student of medical microbiology. My hometown is Bareilly, UP. And these days I put up in Dehradun for my studies. I’ve been writing since 2019. I call myself ‘A poet by mistake’. And they call me ‘The master of relatables’. My debut book ‘Her Graceful Melancholy’, was released in January 2021. Writing is my escape. I usually love writing poetry. I am an introvert and an old school fond of retros, and mountains. I am escaping reality and inking my dreams. @_apoeticjourney__ here is where my heart and soul are.


Harshita Purohit

All shades of an overthinker, just trying to learn every language of emotions, who is a bit clumsy and perplexed soul. She loves evenings and love stories. Writing is her biggest escape whenever she feels low and enthu. She is Harshita purohit, currently doing bachelor’s in science. She loves to observe and feel people and try to jot down everyone’s heart’s secret stories since August 2020. Learning, trying, and growing is her only thing to work on.

You can check a bit of her observings write-ups at @wordsbyharshita, where she writes and you relate.


The Untold Phrase


Srilekha Mitra

Am Srilekha Mitra. Currently an undergraduate English honors student at Calcutta University.
My ambition is to comfort people through my words and work.
My writing journey commenced on 16th June 2020 to seek refuge from the topsy turvy world.I don’t have any writing account 🙂 but I do have a personal account @mitra_srilekha.




Neha Dhalaria

This is Neha Dhalaria, a lawyer by profession. My aim is to reach to all those people who crave the much-needed support in their lives and become their strength.
An introvert can only convey her emotions by putting them on paper.
I have been writing since I was in school, but could not continue it in college.
I started writing again in May 2020.



Tanya Vatsa

A selenophile, emotionally illogical poetess weaving out her emotions in her words, who is crazy about medicines and passionately bleed ink on the piece of paper. She is Tanya Vatsa, currently pursuing a bachelor’s in dental surgery. She aims to bring smiles to the face of people, finding the best version of herself.

Writing since 2020 January, you can find her soul twin at @unheard_writer



Divya Pyarani

Divya Pyarani is a 20-year-old Commerce student from Solapur, Maharashtra. She believes It is Love that matters at last’. She discovered her love for writing 1 year ago. To her, writing is an escape that she never regrets. She aims to find peace above everything else.




Suhana Patwa

Hello world, you’re supposed to call me Suhana Patwa. I’m 20 and still have a soul of teenagers & part and parcel of being an Ambivert who received her bachelor’s degree in biotechnology from BANASTHALI UNIVERSITY, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

‌PURE AND BRIGHT RAY OF THE SUN, that’s what her name means. She is someone who puts her poetry first rather than mortals. All she wants is to sit in front of a rainy window pane, with her notebook and drown herself in the ocean of good literature. She is a versatile human being always available to help whether the problem is professional or personal. She loves to daydream, wonder about thoughts beyond our daily lives.
‌ You can catch her rhymes on @suhana_writes.
Winding this with loads of Love and wishes.


Vatsal Vishwam

I am Vatsal Vishwam, a 16-year-old writer from Ranchi. I have been a part of several anthologies and a national e-magazine. I have also been an author of fanfiction. I try my best to spread smiles through the power of words. As a writer since the age of 9, I love expressing my thoughts through poems and short stories. An introvert and a bibliophile, who tries his best to spread positivity.


Meenal Rajpoot

I’m Meenal Rajpoot, 20. A writer and a poet from Faridabad, Haryana. A Published Co-Author for various anthologies. A student by action, but a writer by passion. I find writing as an escape from the chaos and pour my heart out through words. Because words comfort more than anything else in this world. I believe once you are in love with words there’s no way out you can come out of this love and the best part is you can’t get betrayed either I love more writing than reading and try to pen down my emotions from the core her heart. Hoping everyone can relate to it


Vrunda Prajapati 

This is Vrunda Prajapati, a commerce student from Ahmedabad. My aim is to tell my experiences to the people. I want to spread love and make everyone happy and positive around me. A bibliophile and an artist painting everywhere and everything. Pouring my soul out on on Instagram


Navjot Singh

This is Navjot Singh, a commerce student from Punjab, going to appear in boards this year. The lockdown made me scribble my mind on paper and firstly I wrote a poem that started this magnificent journey. My current goal is just to be happy and successful. Seeing my family joyous calms my souI. People perceive me as altruistic. Love collecting and reading books. One of the most significant thing for me is doing my best in everything. Expressing myself by writing as no one really cares about the emotions. You can go through my stupendous journey @rationalhearts_ on Instagram.


Jahnavi Morge

This is Jahnavi Morge, hailing from Neral, Mumbai. I cleared my boards this year and now pursuing a CA course. Dancing has been my favorite space, for the last 8 to 9 years. I like to express most of my emotions through my moves. I started this never-ending journey of penning last year and soon became my favorite escape as it made me evolve as a person. One of the most important goals in my life is to learn different things every day and be the best version of myself. If you wish to see how my happy space looks like, check out @jahnavi_morge_ on Instagram.