Cheshta Vashishtha


The doctor said, Either, You or her, He looked at me, thence first time, We were different in love. Life was at stake at the verge of losing love But I had decided before he noticed. Had love not the purpose I was never alive Therefore his death wouldn’t knock as long As I thrive …

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“Friendship” Friendship isn’t defined By a Trip to Goa. It’s a Journey with your favorite people, The one’s who were in your class photo, And even made it to your wedding album. — It isn’t about night out every weekends, It’s about being available in times of need. In any day or night. Even in dark …

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जिंदगी एक ही मिली है।

क्यों बैठा है उदास , कहीं दूर राह घूम आया कर। कोई हंसाने नहीं आएगा, अपनी हंसी खुद लाया कर। तनहाई में कब तक रहेगा, कभी खुशियों का महल सजाया कर। सितारे लाकर कोई नहीं देगा, अपनी रोशनी से जगमगाया कर। किसी की याद आए , तो उसे होले से बुलाया कर । कभी-कभी बेवजह …

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Sanjay Mishra

Sanjay Mishra,”Dhondu, Just Chill”

Dear Sanjay Mishra, You are one those actor, who are known for creating their presence by their own as, “बड़ा सोचोगे, फिर बड़ा बनोगे”। The journey started from “Office Office” to “Total Dhammal” you gave a new and incredible image to the fellow actors or should I say, you increased the respect for supporting actors.Though …

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