The doctor said, Either,
You or her,
He looked at me, thence first time,
We were different in love.
Life was at stake at the verge of losing love
But I had decided before he noticed.
Had love not the purpose I was never alive
Therefore his death wouldn’t knock as long
As I thrive and I knew, I knew that’s what I wanted, so sorry if you have to read this alone.
what’s more of death
to give up on life for you
Or to know you’re in a dungeon because of it.
What would be nearer to death for me?
To see you go, but live in my blues
Or let myself go out of each breath like day dew?
If to rock is love, I summon your stay,
If the cutthroat truth is the way,
Then I’ll learn to breathe after you go vague,
But love isn’t just what it is,
The passion screams on the top of it,
Moments melt, your face shines like my sun
And I couldn’t stand the dark of it,
They moan, groan, and moon when lit,
It tells me the way, it is to surrender together,
And no, it is not for ‘US’ to quit,
But to sustain in the spirit,
You know I’d be here,
I’d fight your depression with my wit,
You trust me right? You told me you wouldn’t fight me,
So, I hereby decided,
I’d take your leave and I’ll stay to teach,
In the moments of a void, I’ll water your worries.
Depression wouldn’t hurt you, I’ll settle on your lips,
And when your heart would beat, you’ll know it’s me, I’d be here with you,
I repeat.
So if you wake up and I’m not there,
Kiss on the orchid of our kitchen slid,
I’ll bath you in my heavenly skin,
Like rain, from the sky to your heart and your eyes,
You keep me safe in your pendant through the epoxy,
I’ll take you through the dark side of life how to rocked me through hoxsey,
And this is no favor to weigh,
It’s my life so you lift,
You have my heart in place of yours,
I took your name to place after mine,
Come outside love, next to cherry blossom,
The name on it’s trunk is the love story of you and thine.



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