Welcome To The World, Little One!

Welcome to the world, Little One!

Just a few hours ago, you came in this world, and since then, the social media is on fire.
We have not seen your pictures and not even your name has been decided but the world has already known you.
A born celebrity you are.

Wishes are flooding on every social handle of your parents. Strange you can’t even feel any of these but one day when you’ll grow and see we hope you smile knowing that this world loves you beyond anything. Our sincerest hope is that you will come to know yourself truly, have compassion for those around you, and be a better human being just like your parents.
Being the daughter of one of the best Indian cricketer and one of the finest actress of the film industry you must be having genes full of talent but hey.. never be sad when life will test you because your parents too worked hard to achieve this and make this world a better place for you to live in.

Oh, Little One, I hope that you will be bold and courageous, that you will be kind and full of joy. You have brightened the smile of every cricket lover. People have already started to expect things from you. But girl don’t be burdened by the boundries of this society. May you achieve everything you’ll hope from today.

No evil ever touches you little girl. Wishing you good health and luck from our side.
Lots of Love <3

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