To The People Who Silently Helped Us Surviving 2020

To The People Who Silently Helped Us Surviving 2020


How can someone forget them? These people ones made us laugh for the whole damn year and let us forget all the negatives. We owe them a big thankyou letter, indeed.

Silent heroes:

Here I am talking about the ones who shared their Netflix/Prime passwords with us so that we don’t miss a movie or a web series. You guys surely made this year better.

Online friends:

People who’ve been constantly there sharing memes, mentioning in comments, replied to stories and what not. These people proved that distance is just a word when a heart is connected to a heart.


The ones who shared their daily quarantine routines, food recipes and their lockdown experiences via YouTube. Feels like, their families became ours.

The Shaadi Saga:

Of course, how can someone forget the ‘Shaadi’ photos that were there after every second or third Instagram story. As if the whole world got married because there was nothing to do. Your pre wedding photoshoots literally entertained us.

The Guide:

There always have been one person, who watches everything first. From movies to web series, and then suggests us the best one on internet. Truly, such people are indeed a Gem!

Gaming Partner:

It all began with Ludo, PUBG, Free fire, they always had time for us. To spare our life in Ludo to covering us in a battle match. Doesn’t matters if game gets banned/ restricted. This bond will stay for the entire lifetime.

VC Gang:

The weekend video calls!? And everyone posing up for a screenshot to share on our story/status tagging each other. ‘Jokes. Gossips. Masala Stories.’ Hive five to these people, who helped us go through the entire year.
(P.S – We still gonna continue this, okay!?)

Family :

And how can we forget our family. Favorite food, games, debates, or watching Mahabharata & Ramayana together. Year wasn’t good, but it surely gave us some lifetime memories to cherish! Indeed we are blessed to have such a FAMILY❤️


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