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Yes, I Cheated!

You always used to say,
That I love you BAE.
I knew, whatever you said was not true,
But then too I continued it, so I cheated on me not on you.

Instead of knowing that you are playing with my heart,
Everyday, with tears in eyes, I consoled my heart.
I suffered yet never uttered a word against you,
And so I cheated on me not on you.

Your lies were also enough for me,
Cause I loved you unconditionally!
I always told my heart that at least he is with you,
And so I cheated on me not on you.

Everyday I was waiting for you to confess your lies,
But you just fake promises, but baby I can read your eyes.
And I tried my best to not to give up on you,
I just cheated on me not on you.

One fine day, I made my heart bitter,
Broke up our bond and you said me I’m a cheater!
Well, yes I’m a cheater, this time you said it true,
Cause I cheated on me not on you!!!


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