Friendship isn’t defined
By a Trip to Goa.

It’s a Journey with your favorite people,
The one’s who were in your class photo,
And even made it to your wedding album.

It isn’t about night out every weekends,
It’s about being available in times of need.
In any day or night.
Even in dark or light.

It’s about those people,
Who make every moment beautiful,
The ones who make you laugh,
Make you cry.
But never leave you in tears.

The one’s who get excited for you,
In your happiness.
The one’s who can fight with the world,
Just for you.
The one’s who may never confess,
But love and care for you.

It’s a Bond,
Where you never propose or reject.
You just meet them somehow,
And they become a Constant forever.

For Life is a Journey.
Friends are the ‘Gems’ you earn.
Who make this journey worth living.

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