The Smile


The smile the old lady gave me
When I helped her crossing the road
Kept me happy for weeks

A kid passing by
Was crying so hard
I asked him what’s the matter and he sighed

I don’t like going to school
But my parents send me forcefully
It’s so uncool

I chortled at his response
Such a cute heart
I can never disagree to the fact that school and their kids never have good bonds

And then on one sunny day
There was man dusting the roads
Sweating profusely still clearing the way

I took out my water bottle
Offered to him
He smiled and said thank you dear daughter

Although I am not a child anymore
Looking at the gleeful faces of the children
Playing at park still takes me back to my old days and I live them once more

Sometimes eating ice-cream and drinking soft drink together
Trust me it’s better than sitting on the leather

Driving posh cars or getting a ride in them
Big things don’t refresh or cheer me up anyhow
Not even wearing silk frocks with hem

The sweet, not so purport things in life
Small things done everyday
Are what bring me alive

– Bhagyashree Barman

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