Sanjay Mishra,”Dhondu, Just Chill”

Sanjay Mishra

Dear Sanjay Mishra,

Sanjay Mishra

You are one those actor, who are known for creating their presence by their own as, “बड़ा सोचोगे, फिर बड़ा बनोगे”।

The journey started from “Office Office” to “Total Dhammal” you gave a new and incredible image to the fellow actors or should I say, you increased the respect for supporting actors.Though your struggle is unbeknownst to everyone, but it paid off.

In today’s generation everyone aspire to become an actor, to get fame, love and recognition in the glitters of Bollywood.But, they always hesitate to being just a supporting actor.They forget that they dream of becoming an artist, but connect it with being the LEAD one.

Movies without you feels so lost and incomplete.You not only comes out to be the finest actor, but proved:- Do hard work and then “dhondu just chill”.You are admired for rising above the sidekick tag to play meaty roles in films such as “Masaan”.

The funny moments including you in the movies are like the cherry on the cake.In the last decade, there has been a rise of faith in supporting actors in Hindi films, and you are one of the reason.At last, I always wants you to be a forever part of Bollywood.

From “लाडो, द Rolex लाडो”,

– Sanskriti Bhatt ( @__sansuuu )

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