Ritvik Sahore, the stellar performer

Ritvik Sahore

Dear Ritvik Sahore,

Ritvik Sahore

From charming the audience in “Ferrari ki Sawaari as Kayo” with naive looks to winning the love of millions of girls in “Flames” Rajjo, you came a long way.

Ritvik Sahore, you are a personality who has put up each and every role with elegance. Say, whether being Omkar or Aakash, you nailed all. Your stellar performances made a Jabra fan out of me. I really don’t remember about “Kayo”, but I certainly admired innocent “Rajat”.I can’t think of any other actor who can give life to them. It’s like, they were meant for you only. After staring at you, I realize that one more name was added to the list of chocolate boys.
You know, it’s not always the character we fall in love with as a viewer, but for the “real” behind the “reel”. It’s a strenuous task for me to pen down the feelings and applause for you. It feels like a little exciting or tensed just like the Rajat felt while voicing the message. From being a timid brother to being a shy “cute” boyfriend, I fell in love, शायद गलती से, क्योंकि जानभुझ कर तो कोई नही गिरता।.
Finally, at the end of this letter, all I can say is: You are a gem in web series. In the coming times, no girl will be left untouched by your breathtaking performance and of course that damn smile. Every time I get intrigued by your words, I recall your words,”ये जो लम्हा है मेरा, वो है….तेरे संग”
Your New Profound Fan.
– Sanskriti Bhatt ( @__sansuuu )

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