A Unique Creature “Transgender”



They used to wear Saree,⁣
But no one called them a Nari⁣.
They never show their pain,⁣
Also no one known them as a man.⁣
They always glow with their happy faces.⁣
They always succeed to hide their ⁣painful traces. ⁣
They looked everyone with a beautiful smile. ⁣
They are a victim of a dirty joke by an adult or a juvenile. ⁣
They have lots of good feature,
Yes…God made them the beautiful creature.
They always show themselves strong ⁣by physically.
But they are the one who gets ⁣disappointed by life mentally.
They are distressed with their poverty, ⁣
They have a soul full of a purity.
They are known as a transgender,⁣
They do all work with a love expander.
They don’t get equality in society,
Yes, It’s a worst reality.

– Suhana Patwa

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