To The Heart I Broke

To The Heart I Broke,

Its been so long, and finally am writing this.As, we all generally confess that we never intended to hurt their feelings or heart, but somehow it do happens.We always try to defend ourselves but, at last even the conscience knows the deed.

” People who has suffered heartbreaks never do the same with others “.But, somewhere I did it.Even knowing how painful it is, I did.And I believe in my heart that just a apologetic word can never heal that.

I was the one to take you for granted, always wished you to understand me, greedy for your time, and there I forget, same things were supposed to be done by me.But, in wake of arrogance, ego or attitude, I didn’t do that.

I believe, you are happy in your new world or new profound friendship or love.I know, how much strength was required to recollect everything for the new start.And, I assure you that am never gonna disturb you or try to re – enter your peaceful life.

But I just crave for the apologies, cause I regret hurting you.I wish for your best life and little less drama.And a sorry for everything.

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