Things I learnt from my mother.

Things I learnt from my mother:

1. Myself, Being a professional procrastinator, the first thing she inspire me of doing things on time.
2. Being perfect all the time, she is the perfection queen of the house. She can do things again and again till it gets perfectly perfect.
3. She always thought me to stand against what is wrong, and apologise for whatever i do wrong.
4. Keeping calm, like she has people like me around herself but she manages to keep herself calm.
5. Pursuing dreams, Living your dreams now is much better than Regretting afterwards(although they are incomparable)
6. Motivational speech, listening to her, i almost became a motivational speaker. The way she motivates me is magical.
7. Acting, She is pro at acting, even when she is sad about anything she pretends very well to be the happiest person in this world. How could she be, when she has a daughter like me. 😉
8. Reading between the lines, she is best at it.. there’s no way out if i say something sarcastic. And I became so professional that even if there’s no space for the air to pass between lines, i am able read something between them.

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