YES!!, She bleeds but she is not impure!
The thoughts of society making her impure…
Some rituals are making her impure…

She is the warrior fighting with cramps..
Holding on to the unbearable pain and hiding the tears under the light lamp!!

When the first time she bleeds she was locked up in a room
No one was allowed to touch her..
No one was allowed to goo close to her..
The rituals which treat girls as the goddess “LAXMI”
Are the same rituals which treats
that laxmi untouchable during periods and the irony is that laxmi is not even allowed to goo holy places!!

It’s not the topic of shame..
It’s the topic of pride..
Come together and break the period taboo
Only women have the enough strength to give birth and bear this menstrual pains every month..
But the society tries to make her feel ashame!!

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