To The One I Loved

To The One I Loved,

To The One I Loved,

How have you been?
I don’t actually know where to start from, but I kind of miss you, I miss those little talks, I miss those precious laughs, I miss my smile that didn’t leave my face whenever you were around, I miss those phone calls and I miss “us”. But for how long?
For how long shall I cry for you, already knowing that you won’t come back?
So I decided to forget it all!

I deleted your number, but I still remember it.
I deleted your pictures, but your face still appears crystal clear in my mind.
I deleted your messages, but the memories decided to stay back.
I deleted your name from everywhere, but my heart still has it scribbled on it.
I deleted my feelings, but the love just couldn’t go.
I decided not to cry, but spent endless nights thinking about you!

I don’t know, if I could ever stop looking at you the same way I did before, or if I could ever stop thinking about you the same way I used to. It may have been difficult for you too, if only you loved me back!
Sitting here with some fresh air reminds me of you, tears dropping as I’m writing this!
I claim to have good friends now, I claim to have a good life, I am self-confident and I claim myself to be independent. But, come to me again, and you’ll find my arms greeting you with the same warmth as before!!

From the one who loved you even if you didn’t,
Stay happy wherever you are!!

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