A Prostitute Who Mistakenly Fell In Love.

A Prostitute Who Mistakenly Fell In Love

They say love comes to you in the most unexpected way without a warning or a label. I still remember the very first time I saw you. You were wonderful as the most perfect creation of God. I vaguely saw your back from my tiny window and I could sense that you were handsome. I saw you talking to that bulky fat man and shoving thousands of rupees in his hands. But I was certainly not interested in seeing that. All I wanted was to see your face. I was told by Didi to dress properly because we had guests visiting us. She gave me a beautiful red saree which was new and looked expensive. I was patiently looking for our guest but I was very impatient to have a glimpse of your face. I repeat very.

After hours which felt like an eternity, I saw you approaching with slow footsteps and that’s when I noticed your face. Saying you were handsome would certainly be an understatement. You had a perfectly sculpted face with a chiseled jawline. Your sleek black hair perfectly complimented your black blazer and black pants. Your plump pink lips were curved to the most beautiful smile and oh your eyes. That was the best thing about you. Your sparkling blue eyes held so much power in them. I was so deeply engrossed in admiring you that I completely forgot that maybe you were here for a reason. That’s why Didi told me that you are our guest. With that, she went away leaving me alone with you. I was sweating profusely. You probably sensed my nervousness and finally came closer. My heart was about to burst.

You slowly held my hand and I swear I got goosebumps all over my body. I was too nervous about what to do next. I was afraid that if I did something you would probably withdraw your hand from mine which I didn’t want. You pulled me by my waist and gently placed your lips on mine. You started slowly sucking my bottom lip and I couldn’t help but respond to your kiss with great passion. With that, you slowly started taking off my saree and I didn’t know what was happening. It was hard for a sixteen-year-old me to process what’s going on with me so I decided to keep my mouth shut. I couldn’t help, I wanted to run away but I very well knew of the consequences if I would try running away. So I closed my eyes and watched my dignity being snatched away from me by a complete stranger. You started whispering sweet things in my ear and went inside me. I experienced a sharp pain and let out a low scream, you shut me up by kissing my lips which were already swollen. And with that slowly the pain subsided down and all that I could experience was a pleasure. Everything felt so right at that moment. Your arms which hugged me tight felt right. Your lips on mine felt right. I was naive but somewhere knew whatever was happening wasn’t right. With that thought running on my mind I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up you were gone. All I could see was the blood-stained bed sheet and some cash beside me. I decided to go out and tell Didi about whatever happened between me and him. My mind was not in the state to process anything at all. As I started thinking about the previous night, his face, his touch my eyes started watering and I found myself crying. That’s when Didi came inside my room with a bowl of warm water. She sat beside me and started wiping my face. I guess she sensed the tears in my eyes and started saying ‘People like us are not allowed to fall in love. It was then that reality struck my mind and she explained to me who I was and what was my identity here. I accepted my fate and my reality but my heart couldn’t accept that. I waited for you every day. Hoping to see your handsome face and sparkling blue eyes. Five years passed and I turned 21 today. Didi told me to get ready. A new customer is coming. Deep down I still hope that it’s you.

A Prostitute Who Mistakenly Fell In Love.

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3 thoughts on “A Prostitute Who Mistakenly Fell In Love.”

  1. Beautifully narrated ❤️ Story about a young Teenage girl who had her first time with a stranger that she fell in love with at first site Only to realize later , that it was her debut in prostitution industry … A heartwarming yet heartbreaking story.. I have very complex feelings about this Isn’t it amazing that every single one of us have hundreds of this kind of incidents , stories and experiences in our lives but either we shove them in the back of our head or simply forget about it .. The sadness that the girl must’ve felt after knowing her identity must’ve been overwhelming… and yet she was able to accept it without getting insane.. Well… Strongest people are the one who have suffered the most … I wish no one has to ho through prostitution unwillingly… and even if my worst of luck they have to… I wish they never fall in love with anyone ….

  2. Abhirami N Swami

    Well said..After all, they’re human beings with emotions..The young teenage girl had to become a prostitute because of her bad fate..It was heart-wrenching to read the whole narration. No one would do this willingly I guess. Only their situation and family conditions make them to come to this line..Prostitutes live a worst life which no one could imagine.

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