It Hurts To Love You

It Hurts To Love You

It Hurts To Love You:

It hurts to look at your pictures,
It hurts to not look at your pictures.
What is the in-between?

It hurts to write about you,
It hurts to not write about you.
Hello, ink! Please go on.

It hurts to read the old conversations,
It hurts to not read the old conversations.
Do you feel me?

It hurts to cry this frustration out,
It hurts not to cry this frustration out.
Well! Okay.

It hurts to feel your presence like this,
It hurts to not feel your presence like this.
What is this behavior?

It hurts to think of you 24/7,
It hurts to not think of you 24/7.
Which is worse, still thinking.

It hurts to see you sitting in the only corner of my heart that has love in it,
It hurts to not see you sitting in the only corner of my heart that has love in it.
Come back, please?

It hurts to let your memories go,
It hurts to not let your memories go.
‘Yaadein’ is what I’ve preserved.

It hurts to miss you all day long,
It hurts to not miss you all day long.
Why is a day so long? And night? Don’t even ask.

It hurts to love you, my love,
It hurts to not love you, my love.
I can’t win, I can’t.

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  1. Idk how much I love him
    But I knw
    I won’t be able to forget him
    Sirf yaad hi toh hai uski mere paaas
    Wo bhi nhi yaad karein to fayeda jee kr
    Humko waps hm pehle jaise chahiyeeeee


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