Tests of life

Tests Of Life

Tests of life

Isn’t it an irony that the more we run from the things we fear, the more we fall for them?

While romanticizing the adventure of Life, have you ever torched light upon the tests in our life?
From the day, we stepped into this world to the day we leave it, our life was solely revolving around the ‘Tests’ as a one-sided lover who has promised to come forth in every stage just to take a glance over it.

There’s always one thing missing, and that is ‘Believe’, even my own body doesn’t have faith in my words when I say, ‘yes, I’m fine. I have to go through a test to prove my fitness.

I remember the days when I was a child I had to go through several tests and at that instance, I was not knowing that I was about to get trapped in a time loop with tests. As a grown man, I was unaware and therefore I doubted and had a rage against it. I always stood against all sorts of tests.

As a student, I was tortured in the name of the examination. I had to prove my knowledge in the name of marks every single time. From then to now, I was always in a shell with judgemental eyes staring at me and those societal rage dancing onto me with heavy steps as an examination test.

For fitness, I have to go through a physical test. For intelligence, examination test. For everything, I have to go through several tests. Although their results never portrayed my real worth and diligence.

For a while, I felt relieved as I thought I had shooked my hands by them but Alas! I was wrong. Then there comes the test of the new life which was developing inside me, unaware of this same series of life that I witnessed.

Sweaty top excited me, there came a doctor with reports in his hand. Do you know what I hate in this process of test and testing? I hate the societal parameters, I hate the direct definition of success or failure, right or wrong, I just hate it knowing I’ll be judged on those human parameters created by the ideal society to judge me and I believe that there’s always a path, a choice for some extraordinary people like me. There is always a new definition of success for every individual.

My body was left shooked by a nurse and all my thoughts came into reality where these words lost their voice. And the voice that I hear is of a doctor confirming my pregnancy with twins.
Again? Again. This series of tests is a Columbus without a break.

Back then I remember, I use to ponder, what will be my final test? I guess now it’s a high time I’ll know about it.

I always had a question that goes through my vein unanswered. What will be my final test? Whether it’ll be angels bowing to our deeds with respect or human beings shedding tears out of love or not? Will there a full stop to this test or there’s another loop waiting for us in a parallel world?


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