To the Best Friend, I’m in Love with

Best Friend

To the Best Friend, I’m in Love with,

It’s neither confession nor an excuse, but I want to say something that sometimes hurts me & I realized after, you need to know.

I feel very lucky to have you in my life. I remembered our first meeting as a stranger and how it turned into the special bond that we’re pursuing right now. Been a couple of years, we always meant to be friends forever and I tried harder to keep this in mind but there was a heart too. And in between heart vs mind, there is love on one side of seesaw and friendship on the other & I’ve to balance it.

I wish someday you will notice this tragic situation, but on the other side, I’ve fear of losing you and your friendship. I wish you’ll know why I smiled at you at our daily meets, texted you funny faces which I never clicked before, cared about you and your little things, and that whatever takes me to see you happy. I know this kinda conversation ruin the ship which already sailed, but the other ship kinda torturing me. It’s like you’ve to pretend, to be a best friend or how not to be in love with.

Not mean to you, it’s just these what-if questions kill me every day with love and friendship situation. If you reading this and if you get hurt, I beg your pardon. No harm intended behind it’s just part of one of my what-ifs. Hope you’ll understand.

And I’m pretty sure if you’ll ever think about getting away from me, I’ll not let you go, no matter whatever happens and you know that.

Neither wants to lose you nor want to fall into love. I wish just our friendship lasts forever, meet me soon idiot.

Your instant happiness,
Your Best Friend.


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2 thoughts on “To the Best Friend, I’m in Love with”

  1. Ohhhh god this was something which almost every boy has felt while falling in love with his girl-bff…. Although I never have been in relationship with my girl bestie but I completely felt the vibes of this post…… Just loved it!

    IG: @rajvir_g15

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