Forever We Said


Forever we said:

How I asked you to not go,
And how you didn’t stay.
I was holding you so closely,
Ah! Still you made your way.

What made me so weak?
And what made you so strong?
Behind the truths, I found the lies,
Knowing the right, you went for wrong.

Wasn’t my love enough?
Or was it you who always held the pain?
Be it life, or be it death,
I want you today, I want you again.

I was pulling you as your memories do to me now,
You were pushing me as I do to my inner peace these days.
I thought you were my sunshine in December,
And you turned out to be the sharp rays in may.

I did my best, I swear,
To stick till the end of the fight.
I thought you were also battling while I was crying,
Until I knew how peacefully you slept every night.

You gave me your heart to love
I gave you my heart for the same.
Come and see how your heart is still loved,
And may I know where is my heart’s grave and its name?

Your forever meant till you were interested,
Mine forever meant till the last breath.
‘Forever’ we said, and I will prove it alone,
Till I meet my death, Till I meet my death.

Sigh 🙂

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