When the hurricane hit the butterfly

I don’t know what’s wrong with me ,for the zillionth time, I’ve been trying to trace my feet back from his room. I know if i go inside, I won’t come out the same. It’s difficult. His gaze is so alluring. I just can’t help it.

I enter his room.
there he is,calm yet hurricane in eyes. Composed yet looks like a puzzle waiting to be solved.

i stare at him long enough for him to realise i am in the room. breaking my reverie, he startles me with his deep voice.

“I thought you won’t come here, eh?

“I wouldn’t but I just felt coming back to you.”


“because i am tired of love, yet i want to be held by someone. i want to submerge in someone’s arms and just be there.”

“i see,in that case, i can help you.”

Eyes locked. Pin-drop silence. I could hear our hearts pounding, syncing.
after a long pause, I finally speak.

“But promise me you won’t fall in love with me. love has heartbreaks.”

“What if I couldn’t help it?Will you be there for me?”

Two questions and I’m getting scared of what beholds. Breaking through my sedimentary scars,he added,”Well,well,well. Don’t worry! I won’t. ”

As I chuckled,he silenced me and I could feel his arms around my waist. I’m just still,calm ain’t moving a bit. Our stare was short-lived. He leaned and kissed my lips, gently. I felt my skin tingling. While he kept kissing my soul soothed. It sinked all my pain, down to my bones.

He retreated. Wait! I know those eyes. It’s asking for consent! ‘Kind though’, I thought to myself.

And I kissed him back. That’s where things got out of control. Just a strong breeze and it lured the hurricane to wake up.

“So, Will I be able to see you, again?”

“Does it need to be that regular? Are you falling for me?”

I stay numb. he gives me a wry smile. i search for words, and the moment i open my mouth to say something, he snaps in between.

“Relax, just kidding. Look at you. So tensed. .”

I hesitantly smile.

He exclaims,”We both know that we’ll be there for eachother whenever we are into our own mess.” He kisses my forehead.

We stare at each other. We kiss, again.


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