My Mommy

Mommy Love

Where are you Mommy?

When I spread out my tiny hands,

Why can’t I feel you?

My grasp is fragile but still I try to catch,

Every single hand or cloth,

In the hope that someday it’ll be you.

You don’t even attempt to feed me.

I need breastmilk to grow up.

The nurses in uniforms mix formula to feed me.

They rock me to sleep,

Amidst the beep of machines.

Papa didn’t touch me at all.

Grandma came and went.

Never came near

Am I contagious?

Am I untouchable, Mommy?

But its not my fault.

How would I have known?

Mommy I’m too little.

And my heart has a great big hole.

I may not live at all if you don’t take me.

And give me the warmth of your skin.

My world is a black and white blur.

My blind sight searches for your smell.

The lingering smell I remember,

Only a whiff when the world turned from dark to light.

Mommy I can’t do anything,

Other than extend my arms helplessly.

The cold stethoscopes placed over my heart,

Or some cold, foreign hand changing my diaper,

Are the only human touch I get.

Mommy I’m terribly alone.

Please take me home.

Why do you hate me?

Being a little bit different from you all,

Is it that disgusting?

You wanted a boy?

Or did you pray for a girl?

And did you abandon me because I’m none?

Just because I’m none,

Am I not yours?

Mommy, you’re the one that promised,

Not to leave me alone but,

Where are you Mommy?


A/N Just in case people are wondering what this is about, it’s a plea from a baby to its parents who have abandoned it just because the sex of the baby is undetermined. The poor child has severe and fatal congenital deformities of the heart and needs immediate treatment. The parents are a well to do family and a bunch of ‘highly educated’ morons. What monsters could leave a child just because the baby isn’t a he or a she? With the advancement of sex correction surgeries and other methods it’s so easy in the current decade but no— High class heartless monsters abandon helpless babies just because of the stigma! Ugh!  


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