International Family Day

Things only brown family can say and do:

1. For your mother, the clock always runs late by two hours in the morning. You ask her what’s the time at 7 AM, there’s no doubt that she won’t say it’s already 9.

2. Your father’s sentences often start with “Hamare zamane mein”. He loves to travel back in time and make you realize that you’re the spoiled brat generation who cannot live without smartphones.

3. She’s the one in the family who keeps a track of all the days you refused to give her a glass of water. You ask her for help, and she will give you the list of calendar days on which you failed to do her work.

4. A person in the family who can be trusted with the deepest of your secrets, but not with the last chocolate kept in the fridge is none other than your brother.

5. Your grandparents are the trump cards you use to win a hand while you’re in a process of convincing your parents, be it for a road trip with friends, or for a night out in the name of group study.

6. Your housemaid hates to see you sleeping peacefully in your bed. One thing she loves to do to annoy you early in the morning is switching off the damn fan.

7. Your neighbors love to gossip about anything and everything, and they always end up saying “Kisi aur ko batana mat”. Starting from how old are you, how much money do you make in a month, are you dating anyone, to why aren’t you getting married. They’re the most curious creatures of the universe.


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