Do you remember, Love ?

remember love

Remember ?

I remember it still, how we met
It started at most uncertain time, a most innocent relation
A relation not more than writer and reader, we both write we both read

Do you remember the day you said I’m your best friend?
That day there was this sting I experienced, but didn’t know what it was.
I suddenly couldn’t breath, eyes moistened. Why? idk!

I still remember, how I would stare at you, in a video call
Tracing my fingers through your face on screen
It’s just screen, but it felt close enough to your skin, soft and smooth
How cheesy! My friend would laugh (not that I will tell her)

Do you remember the day you said you love me?
And I laughed it off, like it’s nothing, like it didn’t mean anything to me
Like it was just a joke and you had this straight face, staring at me, like I’ve grown 2 heads?!

I still remember when you said you love my smile.
You said it’s most purest thing you saw in a while and I look more beautiful when I laugh. It sounded so cliche that I laughed!
Idk if you said it to see me smile or you really meant it.

Do you remember the day we first cried?
For no absolute reason! We are like 2 insane people staring at our phone screen with tears streaming down. That was most sane insane thing I ever did.

I still remember the day you said your story.
You were crying mess. So was I. It pained me to hear all of them. I died a little with you, only to live with you.

Do you remember the day I shared my story?
You are so angry at people who made me like this, you are left with no words to console me, all you can do was whisper that you love me again and again and said all of the past wouldn’t matter

I still remember, when I was too hesitant to take step, you are strong enough to take it, not cuz you know it’ll be the correct step, but you desperately want to walk with me, right or wrong, an year or forever.

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