Past :'(

1) Your past can sometimes change the way you think, the way you view yourself
When you let your past dictate who you are,
You are actually forgetting who you are.
My past still haunts me on nights like these,
Does yours?

2) We all make mistakes, sin at some point
We stumble and fight our own battles,
We struggle with our thoughts,
We often struggle with the same sin over and over again and let that define ourselves.
We try to muffle our cracked voices
After crying for hours,
We fall down like old leaves on days like these.
(I Breakdown most days)

3) You wonder “what are you really living for? ”
You ask yourself ” who and what do you really love and is it really worth it? ”
You build a wall around yourself,
You are terrified of confession
And talking about those things in
The past that you have struggled with.
Breathing in the day becomes difficult,
And the nights turn darker.

4) You stuff down your feelings in the
Deepest corners of your heart and pretend it doesn’t affect you. You try slapping bandaid on bullet holes and pretend everything is okay.

5) You find people wanting to talk to you,
you somehow find ways to ignore them still.
You are scared, you think about the end too much.
Your past is a tough animal to wrangle,
You bury it in the ground pretending
It doesn’t exist anymore.
The devils in my head play jumping jack
On nights like these.
How do you part ways with yours?

6) But you know this tempestuous night shall pass,
The storm of thoughts inside you shall pass too,
You sit this night and appreciate it’s darkness,
You let it push you towards change.
This night isn’t going to cause any more peril.
Do you believe in the magic of the universe?

7) When you wake up in the morning
And see old leaves falling and flowers blooming,
When you open wide your windows and
Let the sound of singing birds in,
A sense of rebirth will form a rising tide
And lift your mood and you shall laugh again,
You shall laugh heartily.

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