Words Which Can Only Be Pronounced By Jethalal

Words which can only be pronounced by Jethalal:-

• Heplicopter (Helicopter):- Looks like he has some different sort of mode of transport for himself.

• Paphect (Perfect):- You must have heard this when Daya asks Tapu ke papa about her new saree.

• Handsump(Handsome):- He corrects Daya who appreciates her husband by saying him Handpump.

• Jabarjasst (Zabardast) :- You just ask him about the taste of jalebi fafda which he ate in the breakfast,you will get this reply in return.

• Taplik (Takleef):- This is something which we might have heard of atleast thousands of times when he converses.

• Saaynis (Scientist):- I think he just says this to humilite his counterpart Iyer Idli. Everytime he speaks this,Iyer gets humiliated.

I don’t know much about Jethalal’s qualifications but i appreciate how he delivers every incorrect pronounciation with utmost courage and confidence and has won hearts of millions since the beginning of the show. Hats off to you sir @dilipjoshi

I might have missed many such words,do let me know in the comment section .


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