My Dear Life

My dear life, hope you are doing great. I wanted some time from you to express my gratitude towards you. All these years you have been tough to me, you showed me the hypocrisy of people, the beauty of nature, the power of human mind and of course the magic of love.
I used to cry and panic on the things which happened in my little life. All those horrible nights with blank feeling and tears now seem as a beautiful phase of life, all those were to teach me.
During my school days , I used to feel proud of myself because I was strong, very strong both physically and mentally. But you ought to break me apart , you made me sick , you made me feel breathless, you broke my heart into pieces ; a big thank you for that, for those horrible nights. You broke me , so that I can rebuild myself into a more stronger persona. Person with a kind big heart, wise mind and a soul with purity.
Thank you for showing me real love, humanity and above all the importance of life, the importance of human existence.

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