Losing Echoes


People leave and that’s quite normal.
Staying for long is not.
People leave a souvenir behind,
letting us feel the hollowness of their absence.

It kills.
The echoes of losing people haunts till no end.
We find ourselves standing there ,
feeling the breeze touching us
as if saying the last goodbye
they forgot to tell us.

People leave like the last spring
you loved it , but it didn’t last long.
Losing someone makes us immune.
We regret,
not having the last chance to tell everything
precisely a last goodbye.

The mere memory of the last hug
which seems to have lasted for too little now,
the blurry image of that person
keeps getting back again and again.

Losing someone feels like hell ,
the echoes haunt.
When finally you let go,
you realize along with them
a part of you also died that moment.

You live for yourself now,
knowing the dead part is still alive somewhere,
living with those forbidden memories.
Better kept buried deep inside forever.

The souvenir stops us many times
We learn to let go of it as well.
Living in the past is never an option.
It’s better to move forward.

Losing someone is tough
But leaving them is worst.
I was one who left.
Leaving a broken heart as a souvenir.

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