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How do you feel?

How do you feel?

Dark nights hiding dreadful memories
Lots of smiles just buried inside
Beneath the stars beholding your scars
Do you see the moonlight?
Darling, how do you feel, with these damp eyes searching?
With haze in your head and a heavy heart
Words breaking out of your lips apart
Sitting alone with a hurricane of doubts
Do you see any hope hovering?
How do you feel, with these negative trails searching?
With dead sleep, now your nightmares roar
Those gleamy eyes don’t shine anymore
Wondering about the endless sky
Do you see any dream breathing?
How do you feel, with these lifeless zeals searching?
With drowned trust and no company
Lost in absurdity, playing your own symphony
People greeting with their fake identities
Do you see any truth outshining?
How do you feel, with these tired legs searching?
Approaching regrets and detaching sympathy
An incision in your heart with no empathy
Your ecstasy crushed by an evil heart
Do you see any angel wandering?
Darling, rise above the dusk and irrupt like the dawn!
Think above all, fearless from anyone’s brawn
You’ll again bleed ecstasy with glittering grace
Do you see any positivity seeding?
How do you feel, with a new birth searching?

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