THE BEAM OF CHEERFULNESS Is it really what it is? Does it really deserve to be this? For how long Are you gonna be like this? Crying? Screaming? Asking for help? For how long will you Be sad? Stop being...
Someone better
You deserve someone better may be not me but someone better at least.
Ek Ansu ki Kahani
Ek Ansu ki Kahani
Bahot din bad aaj ankh se ansu nikla hai, Pyar ke liye nahi lekin aaj dil apnon ke liye roya hai, Socha tha na dikhau jazbat apne, Lekin phir socha mere lafz padhne wale bhi apne hi hai. Harek ansu ki...
Crying does not mean that you are weak, Tears are just those words that your mouth could not speak.
How do you feel?
How do you feel? Dark nights hiding dreadful memories Lots of smiles just buried inside Beneath the stars beholding your scars Do you see the moonlight? Darling, how do you feel, with these damp eyes searching?...
Reality of life
Reality of life
You are loved when you are born. You will be loved when you die. In between you have to manage!  
My Dear Life
My dear life, hope you are doing great. I wanted some time from you to express my gratitude towards you. All these years you have been tough to me, you showed me the hypocrisy of people, the beauty of...
I love the way you made me feel, You made me feel ‘important.’ Important in my own life, A life which was a mess before you. Before you, I was no one. No one’s no one. But now I’m...