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And That’s How I Found Mine

And That’s How I Found Mine

  • When you’re in love you always wish that something good will happen to her/him.

  • You feel each texts, songs, happiness – like you never felt before.
  • When you close your eyes, you find that face in becloud – no matter how hard was your day.

  • You become part of each others prayers and 11:11 wishes.
  • Video calls, screenshots, screen recorders – has our smile, especially in a long distance relationship.

  • When you say “I love you”, your heartbeats feels that in this fake world, “someone is there, to care”.
  • You keep saying that if you were here right now, I would have hugged you and cried till heart won’t satisfy.
  • Of course fights were there, but it doesn’t matter, when you’ve a person that knows, how to care.
  • Love is a very precious thing, share only when you both felt the same way, otherwise the time you deserve better will abridged day by day.💓

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