10 Bollywood movies that broke Stereotypes

Bollywood Movies

10 Bollywood movies that broke stereotypes :

Bollywood movies are well known for pushing the same story in various ways. However, there are a few films that were different from what Bollywood is known for.

1. Dangal

A father training his son in sports and other physical activities is considered quite normal. But when the Phogat Daughters got trained beneath their father, society saw something more to a father-daughter relationship.

2. Neerja

Neerja Bhanot, the valiant flight assistant, did not only save invaluable lives that day but also redefined the typical definition of a hero as a male. Women are not always to be saved.

3. Ki and Ka

This movie exceptionally portrayed the role of a househusband and an ambitious (bossy) wife. The exchanged social roles made their way to rebuilding patriarchal notions quite efficiently.

4. Taare Zameen Par

No doubt this was one of our most loved movies from childhood. From parenting to the way of teaching, it made its impact through many instances. The then patriarchal thought, I suppose, that the only way to success is through achieving ranks in studies had been proved irrelevant.

5. English Vinglish

Learning something new doesn’t have an age limit. A woman in her 40s setting out to learn English is not something that we see ordinarily. The movie was a masterpiece in itself though the last scene where she still prefers a Hindi newspaper despite now knowing English is a cherry on the cake.

6. Wake up Sid

Witnessing a love story is not something new that comes to you, but this Aisha-Sid tale hits different. One doesn’t often come across such a mature love story away from jealously, possessiveness, or betrayals; just two people finding the essence of life through each other.

7. Veere di Wedding

Male friendships are better than female ones that always include back-bitching, gossiping, or jealousy, huh?!! And what made anyone say this definitely isn’t much aware of our girl gang. The movie though not aptly but quite breaks many assumptions over female bonds.

8. Mission Mangal

A soon-to-be/just mom or a divorcee, a mother in her 40s or a single lady in her 20s, an old man on the edge of retirement, or a young man still stabilizing his career, ambitions, and the taste of success doesn’t differentiate among any. Nothing can act as a barrier if you act your part with utmost dedication.

9. Mom

Moms are always supposed to care and pray while it’s mostly the father who fights for the child, isn’t it? This stereotype was broken when not a mom, but a stepmom fought against her daughter’s criminals giving her justice.

10. Pad Man

Who would have thought of releasing a movie on periods (shh, speak low) in such a society that not just considers it a taboo but also impure? Anyway, the first step towards a better menstruating world was not a failure, and that sets the hope high.


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